Kite spots Boa Vista

In Cabo Verde’s island of Boa Vista you have several spots for kitesurfing. As the spot in Sal Rei has offshore and gusty wind it was time to check out one of the other spots. Varandinha on the south west coast of the island was the place to go. A deserted beach – apart from some quad tours that pass by- with nice stable side-shore wind. It’s every kitesurfers wet dream…

Getting to Varandinha

The 30- 45 minute drive to Varandinha is already quite interesting. You can see that Boa Vista is really dry. Especially on this part of the island. After the airport and Rabil – Boa Vista’s former capital there is nothing but sand and dunes.  Then out of the blue there is the small village of Povoaçâo Velha. It feels strange a village on this spot as it’s a bit more inland. But this village was build by the English to hide their salt from whoever came via sea. It was build for a reason! After Povoaçâo Velha a bumpy road starts before you reach Varandinha Beach.

Kitesurfing on Varandinha Beach

“Ponta Varandinha”, wow, wow, wow! We – as well as our German guests – were amazed (again) by it’s looks. A simply beautiful white sandy beach with a super blue ocean and some small waves. We started to pump up our bigger kites (10M2, 11M2 and 12M2) as there was about 19 knots wind. Nice stable side-shore wind. Everybody was loving it!

As there is no facilities on Varandinha beach we prepared lunch, snacks, fruit and enough water for everyone. After lunch the wind picked up, so everybody started pumping up the smaller kites (7M2 and 9M2). It was a brilliant day out on this lovely spot and everybody was super tired and satisfied when we packed up at the end of the afternoon.