The riders have been chosen for this years Red Bull Megaloop Challenge!

After the succes of the event in 2015 the 2nd edition of this cool event is being scheduled. It is only taking place if there is a forecast of 30 knots of wind or more from the richt direction, so a large window for this event has been set. It is to take place somewhere between the 2nd of April and the 2nd of November in Zandvoort, The Netherlands.

The Riders that have been selected for this years’ event are:

  • Oil Sweeny
  • Lasse Walker
  • Antoine Clerc
  • Gijs Wassenaar
  • Willem van der Meij
  • Jerrie van de Kop
  • Kevin de Smidt
  • Linus Erdman
  • Steven Akkersdijk
  • Louk Timmer
  • Sebastian Barg
  • Rens van der Schoot
  • Martijn van Hoepen
  • Bram Fauth
  • Remco Klabbers
  • Rangin Antonin

Of course we will keep you updated on this event as soon as there is more news to when this event is taking place or check: for more info.