Kite spots Boa Vista

During our stay on Boa Vista we have tried to see as much as we could. On our last day we went to a spot called Ervatão. It has a left-hand reef break that really works nicely with the right direction of swell and tide. Even barrels are not uncommon here! It is not a spot for beginning wave riders as the wave is (really) close to the rocky shore, but great fun it can be!

Getting to Ervatão

It is not the distance but the conditions of the roads that make going here just over an hour trip. Although it is only 35 kilometer it is pretty much as far as you can get from Sal Rei on this island. The good thing about this is that you will pass some really picturesque villages and beautiful landscape. From Sal Rei the first part takes you through the Viana Desert. After passing this barren land the road leads to the farming villages of João Galego, Fundo das Figures and Cabeca dos Tarafes. The colorful houses in these villages are a real treat after all the half finished modern construction in Sal Rei. The last part to Ervatão is like what I would picture Mars  to be, just stones and sand. After about an hour you are rewarded by the small oasis with palm tress that is Ervatão.

Kitesurfing on Ervatão

We arrived at the beach around 12:00. As the night before had been a full moon the tides were going to be extreme today. At the time we arrives the tide was still going down for another 4 hours but was already quite low. Stoked we started pumping our kites straight away and went out to the reef. The swell was not very big but still we found some nice waves to ride. Unfortunately the low tide made for the reef to be just under the waterline, so not much room for error today! Our driver Elton, a kitesurfer himself, told me that normally there is more water over the reef and therefore less sketchy. At 14:00 it was time for a little rest and to have some lunch. There are no facilities whatsoever so we brought our own sandwiches and drinks. After lunch and some time chilling in the sun I chose to ride my twin tip for a bit. As the wind was side-off the water was super flat close to the beach, perfect for freestyle tricks. For my last session of the day I went out on my directional again. What a day!

Tired and satisfied it was quiet in he car on the way back. The condition of the road did not allow for sleeping, but I’m sure everybody went to bed early that night!