The Eco Lodge Dream

“Showing how a perfect hospitality experience can be 100% sustainable”

Why are we dreaming about opening up an Eco Lodge you might wonder. Well, traveling opened our eyes to how much waste we all produce. In western countries you don’t really see it that much, but in 3rd and 2nd world countries our trash is literally everywhere. The ocean is full of plastic, global temperatures are rising and species are going extinct. Not to mention all the CO2 we produce to satisfy our energy needs. We can simply not go on like this if we want to leave some kind of nature to future generations. Unfortunately we are not in a position to change the world, but one can definitely contribute!

Logo Green Energy - Eco Lodge
Logo Co2 neutral - Eco Lodge
Logo Green Building Concepts - Eco Lodge
Logo reforestation - Eco Lodge

The Design

The design of the outside of the building can only be finalized once the location has been determined. Not only will we be using as much natural building materials from the area as possible, but the design must also compliment the locations surroundings. We’re finding inspiration in these fantastic buildings:

Hiding house 1 - Eco Lodge
Hiding House 2 - Eco Lodge
Hiding House 3 - Eco Lodge
Hiding House 4 - Eco Lodge
Hiding House 5 - Eco Lodge

Though the outside of our Eco Lodge is still to be designed, the inner workings have been properly researched already. To be able to live comfortably Off-Grid we will use the following systems:

Electricity Scheme

Electricity scheme - Eco Lodge

Water Scheme

Water scheme - Eco Lodge

Waste Scheme

Waste scheme - Eco Lodge

The Money

To build the Watersports Addict Eco Lodge we will need some additional funding. While telling our story to people we have already had so much positive feedback that we have decided for a Crowdfunding Campaign to raise the additional funding. As soon as the exact location has been determined and our plans finalized we will be launching our Crowdfunding Campaign. If our plan makes you enthusiastic than please contact us or register to our mailinglist below.

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The Location

Our search for the perfect location for our Eco Lodge has taken us to some beautiful places around the world. Some have left such an impression that we now offer trips and kitecamps to these locations. So far – unfortunately – we have not found exactly what we’re looking for……. Maybe our criteria are hard to meet, but once we find what we’re looking for, expect:

  • Excellent watersports conditions
  • Easily reachable from Europe
  • Lots of no wind options

If you think you have the right location for us then please let us know!