Watersports Addict is founded by Arjen Meijer. Believing that being involved in things you love doing will keep one motivated and sustain a long lasting interest is the foundation of Watersports Addict. Furthermore we believe that travelling, and therewith the meeting of new people and cultures, broadens your horizons and enables one to put their own world into perspective.

Watersports Addict only offers destinations that have been personally explored by its employees. We know when to go, where to go and who to go with. In this way we can guarantee best value for money and make sure the people we work with are likeminded. ​

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We are at the heart of Watersports Addict. We both have travelled extensively and love kitesurfing.

We will make sure you can enjoy your adventures.

Watersports Addict founder Arjen Meijer

Arjen Meijer


Arjen was affected by the watersport virus at a young age. The first sport was windsurfing soon to be followed by sailing. After hauling all his windsurfing gear around all the time kitesurfing seemed like a perfect solution, same fun but less gear! The latest addition to the addiction is wave kiting. The fun of wave surfing but less paddling, a real treat!

With a background in Hospitality Management it is now his goal to combine the passion for watersport with the profession of hospitality.

Watersports Addict Marketing: Ellen Kessels

Ellen Kessels


For a marketeer Ellen sure is good with a kite! After becoming a Master of Science she continued learning about Off- and Online Marketing at Microsoft. She is passionate about her profession and a true professional. Lucky for us she chose to go on a round-the-world trip after a number of years and started working for herself. Having somebody on board with a passion for kiting and a professional background like hers is a dream come true for us!


We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver the best in bespoke travel